• Gary Quackenbush

Pick the right land prep company

You know it, I know it, we all know it. Land clearing is an essential part of construction. It’s one of the most important steps taken before doing any work; a land clearing contractor is one of the first contractors hired. Lot clearing companies remove any unwanted things in the targeted land to make it absolutely hassle-free and smooth, so as to not provide any problems to the construction workers and planners and not hinder your plans. It is mostly done immediately before excavation. However, getting it done with a field clearing service or doing it yourself with a rental

is not an ordinary task. There are a few things that you should know about a land clearing service and they are: 1. Civil Engineers are highly recommended at the site. Civil engineers specialize in commercial land clearing, much more than your average Joe. They can be a huge help and can contribute loads in terms of quality of work and can lead the team of workers quite effectively. That is why land clearing contractors hire these guys by the bunch. 2. Don’t go rogue; hire licensed professionals. Professionals, in general, know their way around all the equipment and are thus not prone to any construction site accidents. Also, they have years of experience and can thus perform a refined job that is a hassle and problem-free. It will ensure you are satisfied with your land clearing; much more than you would be if you did it yourself withrentals . 3. Have a dust control plan. Land clearing leads to a lot of loose dust (this should not be a surprise). So always have dust control equipment and a plan of action with you. As they say, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. 4. Nail your Contour rounding. Contour rounding refers to fitting and cutting slopes during the land clearing process. It leads to a more pleasing landscape and one that is eventually easier to work with. But, it’s not something amateurs should do. For a Professionals , it’s a piece of cake. 5. Blend your site soil. Blending is the process of compacting and mixing the soil of the site. This is done to ensure an even consistency and is thus a very important part of the pre-construction routine. Imported soil can also be used to mix with the natural soil to give the mixture the necessary qualities. 6. Perform the job during spring or autumn. No one wants to be stuck in an outdoor job during extreme cold or heat. If you get your job done during the better seasons, it will be done more efficiently and faster, giving you a bigger bang for the buck

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